Learn to smile through the clouds


The world sure feels like crap doesn’t it when you’re sick, just got fired, lost a loved one, ended a friendship…

Yes, you have the right to mourn, mope, feel depressed, sad, angry, and a whole load of inexpressible feelings that no one might understand. Go through those feelings, accept them, whole-heartedly wallow in them, take comfort from your family and friends, and be dependable for a while but don’t choose to live in that misery every day, all day long and become a victim to your circumstances.

Live your life the way you want to. Make the decision to override your misery with positivity.

Choose to wake up with a smile

Choose to focus on a positive message/verse

Choose to see good in something that day

Choose to relax and laugh a little

Time heals everything they say, it does; but you can decide when that happens because you only heal when you decide to let it go. The circumstances are the same but you are different: more mature, more toughened. Get in touch with your inner strength and fight your battle with a positive approach one day at a time.

Now smile 🙂



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