Work from home? Learn to still rock it



I work from home and like most of my type, I tend to stay in my comfy PJ’s all day long with my uncombed hair tied up in a quick knot and exhibit the usual telltale sign of “working from home” with wild-looking eyebrows. Or am I the only peculiar one who stays this way?  Well, if you can relate, it’s time to shake this complacence off right away.

You can ‘rock’ the whole work-from-home thing

  1. Get ready


Get ready in the morning like you would if you were heading out for work. Yes that includes getting up in the morning (not noon), taking a shower, and getting dressed (do not slip into another set of PJ’s). Which brings me to my next point.


  1. Dress up

dress up

This is the fun part. While we tend to wear “appropriate” clothing if we were working outside because we need to catch public transport, maintain the decorum of the company, and appear like we know our shit, working from home gives the advantage of wearing whatever we want. Feel like wearing high-waisted denim shorts and a tank top? Why not!  That cute white cotton dress hanging at the back of your cupboard that is a bit too thin for outside wear? Put it on! Feel like a quirky bow tie guys? Go ahead.


  1. Have a relaxed pre-work ritual




morning tea

Enjoy a quite morning tea/coffee with some light music on, whip up an easy breakfast, and sit in a comfy corner having a “me” moment. Staying relaxed will make you more productive and tune your mind for a positive attitude.


  1. Create an inspirational work space


work desk

We have the advantage of customizing our work space however we want. Keep your work space clean, decorative, inspirational, and productive. Which means, have your notepads and pens all ready, a to-do list of things you need to tackle right away, some inspirational quotes to remind you to stay focused and happy, and maybe a table plant or two to add that touch of serenity.

Have a great day guys!


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