What would you ask for if you were the child of a king?


I was attending our church’s weekly prayer session yesterday and after the service my husband and I were casually chatting with our pastor, sharing  each other’s plans and aspirations for the new year, and then our pastor said something which took me by surprise because I never really thought deep about it. He said, “I say dream big because our God is a king. Why ask for something small when nothing is impossible for Him?”

He is right! If we were friends with a king, say the king of Brunei, and he told us to ask for anything we wanted, wouldn’t we get all excited and ask for something which is so much beyond our means? Such as a ginormous beautiful piece of land, or a palatial mansion, or lots of money.

We are sons and daughters of a heavenly king who tells us to just ask and we shall receive. Do not underestimate His power for He is our creator. He has entitled us to riches both on Earth and in heaven.

So dream big this year, place your plans before the Lord, and wait patiently. The Lord will make paths to fulfill your desires and show His glory.


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