I love banana bread and I’m sure a lot of you do too. Comprising simple ingredients, the banana walnut cake makes for a quick, stress-free, delicious recipe.

Ingredients: banana walnut cake

2 eggs

½ cup oil

½ cup sugar

2 bananas mashed

1 cup all purpose flour/maida

¼ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp vanilla essence


» Sieve the flour alongwith baking powder and baking soda and set aside.

» Coat a 6” tin with a drizzle of oil. Sprinkle a little flour on top and shake the tin so that it forms a thin layer on top. Keep aside.

» Whisk the egg and sugar together.

» Add the oil and whisk again.

» Add the mashed bananas and vanilla essence and whisk thoroughly.

» Fold in the dry ingredients and mix well.

» Add walnuts into the mixture and pour it into the prepared tin.

» Preheat oven to 180˚C for 10 mins.

» Bake for 40 mins. 

Quick check: Insert a knife or toothpick to check if it’s cooked. If not, cook for an additional 2-3 mins.

» Once done, remove from the oven and let it cool for 5 mins.

» Run a knife along the edges, invert the tin on a plate, and give a gentle tap on the bottom to release the cake.

Enjoy your cake! I heard it tastes great with some fresh cream.


Putting up with a ‘no-frills’ waiter at the Indian Coffee House

Catching an early breakfast after a nice long stroll at India Gate just wasn’t in our luck. So we took to impatiently waiting outside the Mohan Singh Palace building in CP while the Indian Coffee House folks took to scrubbing the floors & tables and readying the simple establishment for morning joggers like us to feast on pots of tea and multistoried toasts.

Comfortably settled under a huge tree, we took to staring at poor pavement encroachers sleeping, chatting, smoking bidis or selling local spirits. It was quite the spectacle but a sad one too.

Sharp 9:00 am we perched ourselves at the table right near the kitchen counter (nearer the table, quicker the service right?!).

In walks the head waiter, dressed in the red and white uniform and a fan-shaped hat typical of Indian Coffee House waiters everywhere.

Us: Can we have the special tea and the cold cream coffee? Also French toast, two cheese omelets and buttered bread please.  

Him: So that’s tea, cold coffee, French toast, omlete and bread.

Us: No, we said cold ‘cream’ coffee and ‘buttered’ bread.

Him: (Looking at us as if we were dimwits) Yes, cold coffee and bread. Now, how many slices? We dare not push it any further. fork

After our thoroughly simple but delicious breakfast we pay the bill. It’s Rs.371/-.(Husband has Rs.370, voila! I have fished out a Rs.1 coin. Done!)

Then we start wondering if tips are included in the bill but since we can’t figure it out, we shyly ask the waiter if there’s anything else that’s needed.

Him (clearly annoyed at our ignorance): You’ve paid, now go! (Clearly, service tax was not included.)

We drop a few extra notes and scoot.

Food at your finger tips


Which one of us ladies hasn’t got the urge to eat our fruity-flavored lipstick sometimes? I think we’re all guilty of that. When I first experienced perfumed nail polish on my fingers, I thought I’d turn into a sniffing addict. It was a wonderful bubble gum fragrance and it made me very, very hungry; almost to the verge of licking my fingernails. Gross I know but someone’s been listening and is soon to make it a reality. Yeah!

KFC, the fast food giant is taking its tagline ‘finger lickin’ good’ to a new level by tinkering with the idea of ‘edible nail polish’. Imagine that! KFC has two edible nail polish varieties hitting the market in Hong Kong: Original and Hot & Spicy but is yet to decide which flavor to mass produce.

I love the idea but I’d most probably wear it at home, say while watching TV and I’m feeling too lazy to get up and make a snack for myself.

My winter kick- Homemade soup

Yesterday was Timmy’s holiday and lucky for me coz after a hard day’s work at office and freezing journey back home, I was welcomed to a hot steaming cup of chicken soup 🙂


It’s rather easy to create this very simple homemade soup: A few chicken pieces and bits of vegetables like broccoli, carrots, spring onions, peas and whatever else you fancy thrown in a pot of steaming water with a pinch of ajinomoto and a dash of pepper. (I would really recommend homemade soups over store-bought ones.)

So I took out my huge soup mug (bought especially for Timmy’s soup which he makes quite often during winters) and devoured two cups of it in a jiffy.

So what’s your winter indulgence?

1 minute ᴥ microwave ᴥ chocolate mug cake

I don’t like complicated recipes, so you won’t be finding anything that takes too long to cook or has a load of ingredients in this section of my blog.

Let’s start off with a chocolate recipe.




3 tbsp all purpose flour/maida

3 tbsp powdered sugar

1 tbsp unsweetened coco

2 tbsp crushed Oreo cookies

Pinch of baking powder

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp oil / melted butter

3 tbsp milk


» Mix flour, sugar, coco, and baking powder in the mug.

» Add vanilla, crushed cookies, milk and butter and make the batter.

» Make sure that your mug is only half full so that the cake has some space to rise and be fluffy. If the mixture looks a bit dry, add a tsp of milk.

»  Microwave it for 1 minute on the highest power.

Note: The timing may vary according to your microwave setting and your mug too. Insert a knife or toothpick after 1 minute and if it comes out clean your one minute cake is ready, if not then microwave for 10-20 more seconds.

My friends love this recipe. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

New love- The Curry Leaf


My husband loves to cook and experiments now and then with different ingredients but the curry leaf is something he’s never quite got accustomed to. His nose puckers at the sight of a few glistening leaves in his curry and he even threw away his mom’s garden plant once while she was away with not even an ounce of remorse.

However, over the years a love story has grown between the two. He now enjoys adding the fragrant herb to his cooking and when there’s none available in the market he has unabashedly stolen a few leaves from our neighbour’s plant.

Today he has bought a wonderful curry leaf plant and I’m happy my empty flower pot for ages is finally being used other than for bird droppings.



This slightly bitter and very aromatic herb has multiple health benefits:

Helps control diarrhea– For this purpose, curry leaves can be taken either as juice or as a freshly ground paste.

Protects the gastrointestinal tract

Controls diabetes- It helps in controlling the blood glucose levels.

Controls cholesterol: The antioxidants present in curry leaves help in controlling the LDL or bad cholesterol and aid in increasing the HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Better eyesight: Curry leaves are a good source of vitamin A.

Protects the liver

Ain’t popping right with me

I was at the DLF mall last weekend and caught sight of  a new popcorn stall. Called 4700 BC Popcorn, the company tags itself as the finest ‘Gourmet’ popcorn brand. Gourmet popcorn? Whatever  next? Gourmet candy floss!

It’s a first  in India and  flavours are categorized into cheese, caramel, chocolate and candy. Now I love caramel popcorn but all the flavors I tasted in the caramel range just didn’t pop it for me; too sweet for my liking. I’m yet to taste the other flavours though so I might end up liking something besides caramel for a change. Anyway if you dig popcorn, go for it.

Some of the flavors include Chipotle Ranch Golden Cheese, Italian Herbed Golden Cheese, Tex-Mex Salsa Golden Cheese, Mocha Country Caramel, Magical Rainbow Potpourri, Jamaican Rum Choco-All-Ate, Peanut Butter Dark Choco-All-Ate, Biscotti Milk Choco-Choco-All-Ate, and Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate.

You get to take it away in attractive bags and tins.